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Zenalux Collaborates with Leading Academic Medical Center Through Research Partnership Program, Use of Zenascope™ C49

Zenascope C49 to be used in a breast tumor margin analysis study…

DURHAM, NC – MAY 23, 2013 – Zenalux Biomedical, Inc., a biomedical diagnostics company, announces Duke University as a Zenalux Research Partner. Using the Zenascope™ C49 in a breast tumor margin analysis study, Duke researchers will conduct a 200 patient phase II clinical study to evaluate Zenalux’s optical tissue spectroscopy technology for breast tumor margin assessment.

The Zenascope C49 system is a multi-channel system that uses UV-VIS spectroscopic measurement hardware, proprietary software, and patented algorithms to achieve rapid, quantitative, and non-destructive analysis of biological tissue characteristics (biomarkers) that reflect the underlying function and composition of the tissue. The Zenascope assesses the following endpoints: wavelength-average reduced scattering; wavelength-averaged absorption; total hemoglobin content, relating to vascularity; and Beta-Carotene content, relating to fat content.  The research program announced today will assess the system for use in intra-operative breast tumor margin assessment.

“There is a pressing need to more accurately assess tumor margins during surgery to help minimize repeat surgeries for patients undergoing breast conserving surgery,” said Jesko von Windheim, CEO of Zenalux. “The work at Duke with the C49 system is part of an ongoing effort to help validate Zenalux’s optical technology as a path towards addressing this need; we expect to announce additional Zenalux Research Partnerships soon.“

The C49 combines 49 probes in a 4cm x 4cm area, providing 49 measurements in one capture.  The Zenaware C49 software displays five parameter maps indicating the scattering coefficient, Beta-Carotene to scattering coefficient ratio, total hemoglobin content, hemoglobin saturation, and Beta-Carotene content. Additional auto scale options are also available.  In this study, researchers at Duke are using these biomarkers to detect positive tumor margins on the excised lumpectomy specimen. The user-friendly, C49 system is specifically designed for researchers with little or no spectroscopy background.

Application areas to date include accelerating feedback in drug discovery; breast tumor margin assessment; assessment of response to cancer therapy; and screening and diagnostic applications in breast, cervical, and head and neck cancer.

Zenascope™ C49 is currently designated for investigational purposes only. Interested organizations can contact Zenalux at or 919-794-5757.

About Zenalux Biomedical, Inc.

Zenalux Biomedical is a biomedical diagnostics start-up company that is developing novel biophotonic-based tools to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer as well as other disease states. The company has established its leadership in biophotonics through its deep ties to Duke University. The company’s flagship product is the Zenascope, a patent-protected, photonic system that non-destructively measures dominant tissue chromophores (such as oxygenated hemoglobin, deoxygenated hemoglobin and beta-carotene) as well as changes in cellular morphology and density. Applications areas currently under study include:  accelerating feedback in drug discovery, breast tumor margin assessment, breast biopsy, and cervical cancer and head and neck cancer detection. Zenalux Biomedical is based in Durham, N.C. Visit


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