The Zenascope™ Portable Quantitative Optical Spectrometer is a non-destructive fiber-optic based instrument that uses reflectance and fluorescence properties of biological tissue and other turbid media to accurately determine its biochemical and morphological composition.

The system uses a fiber-optic Zenaprobe™ coupled with quantitative spectral analysis algorithms for turbid sample and tissue characterization, pre-cancer detection and cancer diagnostics, intra-operative tumor margin assessment, and monitoring of tumor response to therapy among other diagnostic applications.

Watch a demonstration of the Zenascope™ Portable Quantitative Optical Spectrometer

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Spectrometer system acquires spectral data, analyzes the spectra to quantify biomarker concentration, and records and displays the result.
Zenaware software converts spectroscopic measurements into specific optical endpoints.
Zenalux offers a standard, specially designed probe with all systems. Zenalux also offers custom designs and fabricates custom probes to meet all customer needs.
Zenalux works with customers to develop custom systems for any application.


  • Cuvette-free, analytical chemistry of turbid (scattering) samples, including tissue
  • Zenaprobe™ technology provides highly reproducible and reliable measurements
  • Optional self-calibration eliminates the need for time consuming system calibration
  • Compatible with biopsy needles and endoscopes for clinical applications