The Zenalux Biological Tissue Spectrometer (Zenascope™) is an ultraviolet spectrometer that achieves quantitative optical spectroscopy in turbid media and enables a physician to non-destructively evaluate tissue composition in real time. The system is a specialized, real-time, diagnostic device that shines white light on opaque target media and then measures and analyzes the reflected signal. The device uses standard spectroscopic measurement hardware, proprietary software and patented algorithms to achieve rapid, quantitative and non-destructive analysis of important targeted endpoints. This novel approach enables a host of new applications for visible spectroscopy in non-ideal, scattering conditions.

Nimmi Ramanujam, Ph.D., founder of Zenalux Biomedical, describes the technology behind the Zenalux system




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Measured Endpoint Applications Example Outcomes
Oxygen saturationTotal hemoglobin concentrationScattering(reflective of cell density and collagen content) Response to therapyTissue analysisAnalytical chemistry, pharmaceutical testingPre-clinical tumor models; clinical studies for cancer diagnostics Accelerating feedback in drug discovery and pharmaceutical testingMonitoring the effectiveness of cancer therapyEnabling new diagnostic capabilitiesIntra-operative margin assessment