Research Partners

Through the Research Partnership Program, Zenalux is engaging with thought leaders in pre-clinical research who are using the Zenascope in cancer detection and in monitoring therapy. The Program offers qualified organizations system and software support for the development and validation of unique applications of the Zenascope platform. Current partners include:

Duke University
dukeUsing the Zenascope™ C49 in a breast tumor margin analysis study, Duke researchers are conducting a 200 patient phase II clinical study to evaluate Zenalux’s optical tissue spectroscopy technology for breast tumor margin assessment. This research program is evaluating the system for use in intra-operative breast tumor margin assessment, as there is a pressing need to more accurately assess tumor margins during surgery to help minimize repeat surgeries for patients undergoing breast conserving surgery. See: Zenalux Collaborates with Leading Academic Medical Center Through Research Partnership Program, Use of Zenascope™ C49

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
Roswell-park-cancer-instituteRoswell Park Cancer Institute is using the Zenascope™ in multiple applications, one of which is for interstitial photodynamic therapy. The PC1 is being used to monitor blood concentration, oxygen saturation, and drug concentration during surgical procedures. See: Zenalux Research Partnership with Roswell Park Cancer Institute – Deploys Zenascope™ PC1 in Interstitial Photodynamic Therapy

In a second application, Zenalux is working with Roswell to further enhance the Zenascope™ by adding a high-resolution camera to the system for oral cancer detection. The new device will be developed to provide the ability to record both video and still shots, with white-light or blue-light illumination sources. Targeting oral cancer detection at an early stage, the new IM1 system will integrate imaging capabilities with spectrographic data, giving medical teams better visualization of cellular changes and tumor margins. See: Zenalux Collaborates with Roswell Park Cancer Institute to Enhance Zenascope™ for Oral Cancer Detection

Tulane University
Tulane-universityResearchers at Tulane University are utilizing the Zenascope™ system to monitor renal ischemia during partial nephrectomy in large animal models, and to monitor physiological changes in tissue in response to investigational therapeutics in cancer and regenerative medicine. Researchers at the Tulane University School of Medicine are also deploying the Zenascope system to monitor histological and physiological changes in wounded tissues in response to investigational regenerative therapies. See: Zenalux Adds Tulane University to Growing List of Research Partners

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