The Zenalux Zenaprobe is a specially designed optical fiber probe that delivers light to the sample, collects the reflected signal and delivers it back to the spectrometer. The Zenaprobe has a unique configuration that assures quantitative results when used with Zenaware software.


A standard Zenaprobe is sold with the Zenascope; additional probes can be purchased separately.


Zenaprobe_PS_200ZENAPROBE PS

The Zenaprobe PS allows users to dial in a target pressure for each measurement via the user interface. After probe to tissue contact is made, the user interface monitors pressure feedback from the tip of the optical probe, facilitating data collection at the desired contact pressure. This is important because tissue physiology is strongly affected by contact pressure.


Custom Designed Zenaprobes
Customers may require a special probe configuration to implement certain medical procedures. Zenalux works with customers to design and deliver custom configurations of the Zenaprobe.

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