zenascope™ PC1

Zenalux offers the Zenascope PC1 in standard and custom configurations.

The standard configuration offers quantitative measurement of [Hb], [HbO2] and scattering. Zenalux assists customers in set up and will monitor initial results to validate measurement response.

Custom configurations include additional absorbers of interest to the customer. Zenalux will customize and validate the Zenascope to include additional absorbers.

The following table lists the optical endpoints provided by Zenascope.

Measured Endpoint Biological Relevance Unit Accuracy
Wavelength averaged Reduced Scattering Cellular density; fibrous content cm-1 ±10%
Total hemoglobin content Vascularity µM ±10%
Hemoglobin saturation Vascular oxygenation N/A ±10%

Zenascope Details
The Zenascope™ PC1 is a Biological Tissue Spectrometer that reliably, quickly and non-destructively measures biological tissue characteristics (biomarkers ) that reflect underlying function and composition. Using these biomarkers, the device can monitor response to therapy in real-time and also detect and monitor the presence of cancer as well as other possible disease states.

The product is a specialized, “real-time” diagnostic device that shines light on biological tissue and then measures and analyzes the remitted signal. The device uses proprietary software algorithms and measurement hardware to achieve rapid, quantitative, and non-destructive analysis of tissue composition and structure. The product improves cancer detection in biological tissue with the goal of significantly accelerating feedback in drug discovery and pharmaceutical testing; enabling new diagnostic capabilities; improving screening in the operating room; and enhancing monitoring the effectiveness of cancer therapy.

Pre-clinical and clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of this quantitative diagnostic technique both in vivo and ex vivo. Applications areas that have been researched thus far are: accelerating feedback in drug discovery; breast tumor margin assessment; breast biopsy; cervical cancer and head and neck cancer detection.

The PC1 is designated for pre-clinical use at this time.

Zenascope PC1 User Guide
Click to download the user guide for the Zenascope model PC1: Zenascope PC1 User Guide

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