Zenaware software converts spectroscopic measurements into specific optical endpoints. Zenalux currently offers two software options.

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Zenaware Monitor™

Zenaware Monitor is designed for pre-clinical research monitoring. Software includes all capabilities to:

  • Calibrate the instrument
  • Continuously monitor vital biomarkers during experimentation
  • Easy start/stop operation
  • Store and retrieve biomarker data for further review and analysis

A key feature of the clinical software is that biomarkers are easy to monitor and track during research procedures.










Zenaware Discovery™

Zenaware Discovery is designed for intensive preclinical data collection and recording. Software includes all capabilities to:

  • Calibrate the instrument
  • Acquire, display and record spectra for every data point
  • Record all subject data for every data point
  • Analyze, display and record biomarker concentrations

A key feature of the research software is that it offers comprehensive electronic record keeping capability to seamlessly manage subject data and results during the experiment.

For more information on the Zenaware, call us at +1-919-794-5757 or email: info@zenalux.com.